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13/1300/1800 inbound services


13/1300/1800 services are phone numbers callers are able to dial from anywhere in Australia free of any timed charges or indeed free of any charge when using a 1800 number. The call is then directed to your office(s) anywhere in the world.

You could therefore direct callers to your 13/1300/1800 to the appropriate office in each state. For example a Queensland caller is directed to the Brisbane office and a Victorian caller to your Melbourne office, while each has dialed the same 13, 1300 or 1800 number.

Another benefit is that even if your office number changes (for example when you grow and relocated to larger offices) your 13/1300/1800 number does not change. It is just redirected to the new office number.

For questions about further functions and how to implement this service please contact us

Monthly fee:

  • $25 for 1300 xxx xxx/1800 xxx xxx
  • $1200 for 13 xx xx

Call charges (assuming a fixed land line number being the answering point):

  • Calls from local numbers FREE (for 1300 first 15 minutes of call)
  • Calls from mobiles 30c per minute in 1 second increments no flag fall
  • All other calls 10c per minute in 1 second increments no flag fall


  • $75 (1300 xxx xxx/1800 xxx xxx)
  • $1200 (13 xx xx)

Number allocation:

  • Choice out of 3
  • Obtain wish number by public auction (bidding starts usually at $500)


  • Multiple answer points (eg. to different state offices)
  • Choice of which calls you will allow to the service (eg. disallow calls from mobiles)
  • Time based call distribution (eg. daytime - calls go to state office, after hours to the head office only, on the weekend to an answer service)
  • and others mainly concerned with which calls go where



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