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PureMessage Email filtering

Sophos PureMessage is an email filtering software designed to filter email from spam, viruses and other scams (eg. phishing) directly at the server before it reaches your mailbox. Many Windows and Linux server platforms are supported.

Blue Net runs this hosted solution on a RedHat Linux server from one of our data centers, so you do not require any dedicated mail server. Blue Net's PureMessage faciliies will also integrate without addition equipment with your existing infrastructure.

Feature in summary are:

  • Industry-leading spam protection
    PureMessage safely identifies up to 98% of spam and protects against email scams, including phishing attacks.
  • Powerful anti-virus protection
    Award-winning technology detects, disinfects or quarantines viruses, spyware, trojans and worms in incoming and outgoing email.
  • Enterprise-wide policy enforcement
    PureMessage incorporates a rich policy environment to support complex security or regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Reputation filtering
    The Sophos IP Block List effectively eliminates up to 80% of spam at the connection level, reducing scanning requirements and accelerating delivery of clean mail.
  • Content security
    Powerful content scanning controls protect against confidential information leakage and tailor filtering to meet your organization's specific email policies.
  • Multi-language filtering
    Global organizations are protected from viruses and spam in multiple languages.
  • Automatic updates
    The latest virus and spam identities and Genotypes, known spammer IP ranges and software updates are downloaded automatically via the internet.
  • Easy configuration and management
    A web-based interface allows the straightforward configuration and management of PureMessage.
  • Allow list/block list capabilities
    Enterprise and end-user preferences are established through global and end-user allow lists and block lists.
  • End-user quarantine
    End-user interfaces provide customisable quarantine features for the quick retrieval of legitimate messages.



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